Milwaukee Hot Club – with special guest – Randy Sabien

Friday June 26, 7pm – The Milwaukee Hot Club musical trio, along with special guest jazz violinist Randy Sabien, will perform at Park Falls Public Library. This hot ensemble will bring the swinging rhythms of famed “gypsy jazz” guitarist and composer Django Reinhardt to the library auditorium. Randy Sabien is a favorite with his virtuoso violin technique that can go from down-home fiddle, to fusion jazz, to the swinging tradition of Stuff Smith and Stephan Grappelli – all with equal ease and brilliance. For this concert Randy teams up with the infectious music of the swinging Milwaukee Hot Club, who specialize in Gypsy Jazz.
Gypsy Jazz is that genre of European jazz of the 1930’s and 40’s popularized by The Quartet of the Hot Club of France, which featured Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli. They helped create that high energy style. Django Reinhardt, was a brilliant and inventive guitar player, who turned his own serious hand injury into the invention of new musical style. The concert will feature music by Reinhardt.
Milwaukee Hot Club includes two gypsy guitars and an upright bass, putting out an acoustic music that is American jazz, but filtered and flavored by the Roma musical influence as well. The result is fast, fun, and yet sophisticated as well. Gypsy jazz usually features string instruments rather than horns or piano, and relies on a rhythm guitar’s chords to drive the music, rather than a drum kit.


About parkfallslibrary

Founded in 1906, the Park Falls Public Library is a community center for literature, arts, and entertainment. We serve the Northwoods communities of Park Falls, Fifield, Butternut, Phillips, Springstead, and Glidden.
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