SHAKESPEARE FILM SERIES Friday, April 12 & 26. 7pm

Join us to view an entertaining Shakespeare film adaptation, on our large screen digital projector system.
There will be treats, and casual discussion afterward for anyone interested.

APRIL 12 – Shakespeare’s most famous Tyrant!  Deformed in both body and spirit.

Ian McKellan stars in this riveting screen version of the play, set in a vivid 1930’s era Britain.  A civil war has ended and the York family has seized the throne. All seems well, and the new King Edward is in control… Yet some are not content.

Conditions are ripe for the murderous scheming of the new king’s youngest brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester.  Richard will stop at nothing in his quest for ultimate power. Friends, family, supposed loyalties are only bloody stepping stones for his own ambition.

This is a chilling study in the single-minded pursuit of power.  Sadly, it still rings very true even today.

The film also features – Annette Benning, Robert Downey Jr., Kristin Scott-Thomas, and Maggie Smith.

“Why, I can smile and murder whiles I smile”McKellen as Richard

Our movie licensing does not allow us to advertise the specific title of films we show.
A call to the library at 715-762-3121 will let you know for certain the title of this film.  That is, if you haven’t already guessed it.

Coming up on  APRIL 26 – Shakespeare’s Birthday. One of his best-loved comedies, in an excellent film adaptation.


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Founded in 1906, the Park Falls Public Library is a community center for literature, arts, and entertainment. We serve the Northwoods communities of Park Falls, Fifield, Butternut, Phillips, Springstead, and Glidden.
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