We Have Some New Materials For You, Thanks to Mead Witter Grant

A generous grant from the Mead Witter Foundation of Wisconsin Rapids, has allowed Park Falls Public Library to offer a newly expanded collection of print materials in Nonfiction, Auto Repair, and Large Print titles.

Please stop by the library to see three different displays of interesting new material for you to borrow and enjoy. One display will feature 100 new Large Print titles, both best-sellers and other popular novels – fun to read and easy on the eyes too. Another display will show-off 120 titles all across the Nonfiction spectrum, with cook books, quilting, psychology, politics, animals, and many other subjects in the best current offerings. And finally, while we hope you don’t have car problems, there is a display of our newly beefed-up selection of Chilton’s car repair manuals, a perennial favorite for the do-it-yourselfer.

During road construction Park Falls Public Library remains open every weekday from 10 to 8 and Saturdays from 10 to 2 to help you meet your information and entertainment needs. Come in and browse these exciting additions to our collection, and take home a few.

The Mead Witter Foundation was organized in 1951 and has provided over $60 in support to colleges, as well as civic and charitable organizations. The Foundation distributed over $3 million to non-profit organizations in 2011.

Park Falls Public Library extends its thanks to the Mead Witter Foundation for it’s help in improving library resources for our community.


About parkfallslibrary

Founded in 1906, the Park Falls Public Library is a community center for literature, arts, and entertainment. We serve the Northwoods communities of Park Falls, Fifield, Butternut, Phillips, Springstead, and Glidden.
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